Office Shifting Service in Dhaka

Majharpacknshift, we understand the complexities involved in office shifting in Dhaka. Our comprehensive office shifting services are to meet your needs efficiently. From packing delicate equipment to transporting heavy furniture, we handle it all with utmost care and professionalism.

With years of experience in the industry, we have perfected our techniques to ensure a smooth transition for your business. Our skilled team meticulously plans every aspect of the move, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your operations.

We offer customizable packages to suit your budget and requirements, providing peace of mind throughout the relocation process. Trust Majharpacknshift for reliable and hassle-free office shifting services in Dhaka. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on your business’s success.

Office Shifting Service in Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh, and it is the most crowded city also. Here people are busy with their work. They are so busy that they can not do their job. Sometimes we need office shifting services Dhaka, Bangladesh for shifting our home or office due to some reasons. For example, suppose you transferred from one place to another, so you need to move your office. But it is not an easy job to shift all the goods from your office. You might not have enough time to do this, or you might not do it perfectly. 

There are so many office shifting services providers in Bangladesh to get rid of this problem. But if you want to make it happen perfectly, Majhar PacknShift is the best choice for you. It is one of the best office shifting services in Dhaka. In this article, we will tell you more about this company. But, before that, we will let you know some basics about office shifting services. So let’s dive into the details.

Do You Know What Is Office Shifting Service?

Sometimes a company could change its location from one place to another. Then they have to move their whole office to the new site. It is not just a bunch of furniture that they can do alone. Besides that, they don’t have time to do this, and they are not experienced in office moving. So to move your office to another place you need to hire an office shifting service. An office shifting service is a service where that will impact your office from one place to another for a reasonable cost. An office shift is the best way to move your office without any problem. This is an office shifting service. Now we will tell you more about this service. 

We Provide This Services For Office Shifting

We Majhar PacknShift provide different services to our customers. So you will get the best services at a reasonable cost in the office shifting sector. We will tell you more details about our services. Our all office shifting services are given below.

  • Moving and Shifting

Majhar PacknShift provides you with the best moving and shifting services. We do it in a short time. We have experience in this moving and shifting sector. We have a good and safe transportation system to move your office goods from one place to another. In recent years we have achieved the trust of our customers. So you can rely on us for office shifting. 

  • Full Packing and Unpacking 

When you shift an office, there are a lot of accessories and goods. So these should be packed before moving. You don’t need to worry about that. We will fill all of your interests. After shifting, we will unpack them too. 

  • Furniture Packing Unpacking

There is furniture in every office. We will pack your furniture perfectly if you hire us to shift your office from here to there. So that there won’t be any rust or scratches on the table while moving. We will unpack them after going to them.

  • Transportation Services

We provide you with transportation services to move your office. For example, there might be many accessories and furniture at your office. You don’t have to hire any vehicle to shift them. We have transportation service for you. So there won’t be any harm to your furniture or other goods. 

When there are so many goods in your office, these have to be loaded in a vehicle before shifting. And these have been unloaded after moving. To do this, you need workers. But you don’t need to do this. We have our employees to load and unload your office accessories and furniture. 

  • AC Shifting & Installation

To control the temperature, you might use AC at your office. However, it is difficult to shift the AC to the new location and install it again. But we will make it easy for you. We will move your AC, and there are professionals in our company to install your AC to the new location. 

  • AC, Fan, IPS, TV, Light, Gezer Open And Fitting 

Electronic accessories like AC, Fan, IPS, TV, Light, Gezer, etc., are common parts of an office. When you move your office to another place, you have to move them. Opening them and fitting them in the new office is not an easy job to do. We will do it on our own. You don’t have to think of it. We will do it without any harm to your accessories. 

  • Piano Moving

Sometimes there might be a piano at the office for decoration. We will move the piano also. We do it professionally with experienced people. So you can be assured of quality service. 

  • Machine & Equipment Moving

We will move all the machines and equipment from your office with safe hands. There are professionals in our team to perfectly place machines and equipment in your office. 

  • All Electronic Accessories Moving

We have enough people to move all of your electronic accessories. You don’t need to move them. Moving electronic accessories is in our service.

Best Tips For Office Relocation in Bangladesh

This article will let you know about the office shifting services in Bangladesh. Before that, here are some tips for office moving. Office replacement is not an easy job for everyone. But the professional office shifting service company can do it so easily. There are some tips for easy office replacement. You should know these moving tips before shifting your office. Let’s discuss them below. 

  • No Rush 

It would be best if you didn’t rush while replacing your office from one place to another. As there are so many things in your office, you shouldn’t run. You have to think about what you have and what you need in the new office. If you don’t rush, you can do the replacement properly.

  • Designed Workplace 

First, you need to make a design for your workplace. And then keep the workplace clean and ready for replacement. This is a vital thing. Because if you don’t make any arrangement or plan for the replacement, it could be messy. 

  • Good Lighting 

Choose a place with good lighting. Light is a very important thing for your workplace. You need enough light to work properly at your office. So make sure there is enough light at your workplace. For example, use lamps to create more brightness in your office. 

  • Comfortable Furniture

The furniture you use in your workplace should be comfortable for you. Otherwise, you can not work properly. So make sure you choose the right chairs and tables for your office. 

  • Privacy

You need to make sure that you work in a private place without so much distraction or disturbance. If you do this, you can work properly. Nobody can interfere with your work.

  • Perfect Temperature 

You should keep the room temperature perfect so that everybody in your office can fit in the environment. You can use Air Conditioner in the summer to keep the temperature perfect. This is a vital thing. This helps you to concentrate on your work. 

  • Avoid Noise 

Before shifting your office to another place, make sure the area is calm. Because if you choose a crowded and noisy place, it will be a problem for you to work at the office. So make sure you select a perfect place for your office and avoid the industrial areas because those areas are generally noisy.

Office Shifting

Everything To Do Before Shifting Office in Dhaka.

Before moving to the office, you need to do some work. These things are vital for office shifting. In this office shifting services in Dhaka article, we will now let you know what you should do before replacing your office from one place to another. But, first, let’s learn more details.

  • Research and Hire Movers and Packers

One or two weeks before you move your office to another place, you need to research some of Dhaka’s office shifting services. After researching, choose an office shifting company and then hire the company at a reasonable price. 

  • Hire a Telephone and Computer Cable Company 

As there are telephones and computers at your office. So you need to shift them too. So after hiring an office moving company, you need to hire a telephone and computer cable company because they will connect the telephone and computer cable at your new office. 

  • Meet the Movers Team 

After hiring the office moving team, meet with the team. In the meeting, brief them about their job. Assign them their responsibility. Tell them about your plan and how you want to decorate your office. And tell them to do the office moving carefully. 

  • Identify Insurance Requirements

Sometimes your office goods can be destroyed when moving to another place. So you should make an insurance deal with the movers and packers. So that if any harm causes by them, they will refund it. Check the insurance coverage. 

  • Update the Location

Before moving to a new location, you should update the office location on your company website. So that people can go there. Inform your special parties about that location.

Choose The Right Office Shifting Company in Bangladesh

As we have said to you before, office shifting is not an easy job to do. It would be best if you left it to the professionals. They can do it easily. There are so many office-shifting companies in Bangladesh. But if you want to get the best office shifting services in Dhaka, you should hire Majhar PacknShift. Majhar Movers is the best moving company in Bangladesh. You will get many moving services from this company, such as office moving, house shifting services, etc. We are trusted and experienced in this sector. So you can rely on us. We work with 100% sincerity. There will not be any problem with office shifting. Now we will tell you more about our services. 

Why Are We Different From Other Movers And Packers?

There are so many movers and packers in Bangladesh. But we are different and better than them. We are different because of our quality services. We assure our customers the top quality. And of course, we ensure our customers the best security of their office accessories. Suppose you hire an office moving company, and after moving some of your office accessories are missing. How horrible is this! We never make these kinds of silly mistakes. As a result, we achieve the trust of our customers. They can rely on us easily to move their office from here to there. Besides that, we provide many services like packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, shifting, electronic accessories installation, and many more. When customers hired us, they got an all-in-one package. This thing is special about us. Majhar Movers and Packers is different from other office shifting services in Dhaka for such special items.

We Have Professional Movers And the Packers Team

When we shift your office to a new location, we need to pack, load, and uninstall many things from your office. We have an experienced team of mover and packers to do this kind of thing. They are professionals. So we can rely on them. They help us pack all the accessories, uninstall AC, and open all the electronic accessories. Then they load them to the transport. And after shifting them, they unload the goods, unpack them and place them in the right corner. They do these things so nicely as they are professional movers and packers.

Office Shifting

Residential And Commercial Office Change Services

Your office can be at your home, called a residential office. Sometimes you need to change your residential office from one area to another. To do this perfectly, you can hire Majhar PacknShift. We are here to move your residential office with all required services. We offer our customers both residential and commercial office change services. We provide you with the best office shifting services in Dhaka. So you can trust our company because we have served so many customers with our best services. There won’t be any fault in our services. We have an experienced team of movers and packers. They can do everything in shifts like install AC, and install electronic products. They will move your furniture and other goods. So we can make sure you will get top-quality residential and commercial office shifting services.

International Office Moving Services

Majhar PacknShift is a top-class office moving company. We not only work in Bangladesh but also work internationally. If you face a problem with an office moving domestically or internationally, Majhar Shifter is the best solution. In this work field, we have a love experience. Our international quality services are packing, shifting, unpacking, loading, unloading, etc. You can move your office or other accessories from one country to another. 

We have an experienced team of international movers and packers. Mazhar PacknShift is not only the best office shifting service in Dhaka but also well known internationally. We treat our customers with all our services with experienced workers. So if you need to move anything abroad, just contact us. 

Do Anytime Advance Booking For Office Shifting

You can book us anytime for office shifting. First, you need to contact us. After contacting us, we will look at your office and then make the plan to shift it to the new place. You will get so many offers for booking. Here’s how you can contact us.






[email protected]



Free Assessment Within Two Hours Inside Dhaka City

After you book us, we will assess your office. Then, we will do it to make the plan of moving your office to a new place. After evaluating the office, we will discuss with you more details about the shifting program. We will do it within two hours if your office is inside Dhaka. We will do it free of cost. 

Reasonable Office Shifting Price

Office shifting services in Dhaka are not easy jobs. So the cost is also high. But Majhar PacknShift provides all the services at a reasonable office shifting price. We provide so many services, so we make it easy for both parties. So you can move your office anywhere at an affordable price. You will get more details about pricing on our website or leave us a message on Facebook to know more information. 

Free Consultancy For Office Relocation

It can be hard to relocate to your new office. So, Majhar PacknShift offers you free consultancy for office relocation. We will help you to do it without any Services.

Terms of Shifting Services

Every service has some terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of office shifting services are given below. 

  • Commissioning of Other Carriers

The shifting company can assign new carriers to finish the shifting of your office. 

  •  Extra Services 

There are so many extra services in the office shifting services in Dhaka. So if you take the additional services, you have to pay extra money. Sometimes some different services can be mandatory to take. 

  • Consolidation

The office shifting can be done by consolidation. 

  • Tips 

You can not pay any tip with the bill of the shifting company.

Some FAQs About Office Shifting Service in Dhaka

Q1. Do I Need To Pay Extra Money For The Extra Services? 

Answer – Yes. You have to pay extra money if you take any additional services. But we will give you some different services for free too.

Q2. How Will I Open The Ac Or Other Electronic Accessories?

Answer: We have a professional team of movers and packers. So there are people who can uninstall your AC or other accessories. He will install this in the new location. 

Q3. Which Things Can a Mover Not Move?  

Answer: Our movers will not move any personal things of the client like jewellery, money, etc. 

Final Word

Majhar PacknShift offers you the best office shifting services in Dhaka. If you need to move your residential or commercial office to a new location, contact us. We will do everything from making a plan to shifting your office. We work professionally with an experienced team. So the work will be perfect. Our services are amazing for you. We offer you secure office relocation services. So if you are looking for movers and packers, Majhar PacknShift is here for you.